Network Services

JEROTOMA ICT company is strongly engaged in designing and installing a network that will grantee the customer needs. After the installation we make sure our customers are supported in case of anything happen. The company provides solution to various network issues. JEROTOMA ICT has experience in supporting  small, medium, and large business.

The company has professionals with specialization in designing and building a very well laid network that will eventually meet customer’s need as well as global network industry standards.

Structured cabled LAN

Structured Cabling replaces multiple wiring with a single infrastructure which carries voice and data in any format. It seamlessly converges voice, data, Internet access, multimedia and network services.

Our engineers build structured cabled LAN from installation to termination of Cat5 and Cat6. They also do installation of data cabinets, patch panels, switches, cable management and related matters.

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Wireless LAN or WLAN, connects your laptops, desktops and other peripherals, allowing you to share files, simultaneous over internet connections or connected devices without using any cables. With wireless you have freedom to move from one location to another without losing your variable access to internet or locally connected devices. It helps in balancing your budget since this method is definitely cost effective and it allows you to expand your business and retain your investment without the need for timely cable installations and move restrictions. You can install a network in to location where cabling is so expensive or not allowed. Wireless Networking is the most adaptable technology for multiple environments – whether is at home or office.

If your network needs are wireless based. We are available for that. As mentioned earlier we have engineers with talent in designing and installing affordable solution for your needs. We can design wireless LAN, point-to-point bridges, and even point-to-multipoint network for distributed office/business environments. Our design encompass a wide range of needs, from large enterprise to small/medium business.